The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

welcome to my new blog page, i decided to start a blog to motivate me to getting my car started again after a year of neglect not even joking.

i bought my first Honda civic ep3 about 5 years ago a mint condition premium edition 55 plate and loved it if you’ve never driven one id highly recommend it.


          I mean just look at it so amazing i started out by getting better tyre on her as mine where terrible you shouldnt be able to drift a front wheel drive car so i got Michelin’s all round and the alignment sorted bout 500 quid but unreal difference tbh.

then i started on the performance induction kit injen full exhaust system straight through and straight away i was flying sounded so good and the extra power wow


sorry no picture of exhaust.

After i was looking more power and had a mate message saying he was selling his pro series skunk2 intake manifold and throttle body so i raced down there and bought it 265 cash. i got thermal gaskets and a high flow radiator and bigger fan too.

s-l1600 (1)

After i fitted all them parts i wanted to see how fast i could go so late one night i booted her up motorway and hit 161 ( 70 if the police ask) not bad with no remap or tuning just straight bolt ons and tyres.

my plans where to do the fuel lines, exhaust manifold kpro and full remap than bigger brakes suspension and see where i was at but unfortunately i hit black ice one morning and took a traffic light out (i couldn’t believe my luck wrote off but the car could be saved )


so 7k car and a whole year of weekends and evenings just wrote off i really could have cryed but i didn’t ( maybe a little) i was found by a lovely old man walking his dog who helped me out the door as the door was jammed n my wrist where sore as hell oh and my face as the airbag hit it many thanks to him as he went home and brought me a brew il always be thankful to him.


what it looked like when i finally got it back from the insurance as i had some issues they refused to pay out coz one tyre was borderline bold i mean like 1.599999mm bald i was screwed so if i claimed i would be fined for driving illegally and damaging public property so paid over 400 quid to get it back, 2 towing charges as insurance don’t pay if you not claiming and 70 for the car scrap valve (so no car 2 weeks off work and body sore as hell )

well after a break up and big debt problems and a redundancy to deal with I could get nothing sorted with the civic but some good news i bought a house and moved in with my now wife and my car got moved from my exs uncles driveway to a friends field so i was earning again and buying parts to get her running again.

well no the couples land my car was on broke up and I had to move it asap so i had to cut my loses because i had nowhere to put it i stripped it of the interior and all modified parts and anything else that was easy to get off in a hurry and 2 lads bought it for 65 quid to say i was gutted would be too nice but i had the best bits of the car and the hunt for a new tyre r begin .